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Coronavirus Testing

Testing for the virus is critical

You can have mild symptoms or be asymptomatic and still be a carrier of the virus. You need to know your risk for infecting family members, loved ones, or co-workers. International travelers may be required to be tested within 3-7 days of travel. We provide results within 24 hours or same day if needed. Simply schedule an appointment and visit one of our testing sites. We also provide onsite testing for businesses and an at-home self collection mail-in service. 

Genome provides testing for Covid-19 by PCR, antibody, and rapid antigen testing. Antibody testing is useful in determining if you have had the virus. Genetic Testing by PCR is the preferred gold standard for Covid-19 testing. Genetic Testing by PCR tests for the physical presence of the virus which indicates whether you can spread the virus. PCR is the test that you will need for travel, work and medical diagnosis.

Please Note:

  • A negative result cannot guarantee that you've never had the virus 

  • We do not offer or recommend a treatment regiment if you are positive for the virus

  • If you have a positive result, we recommend that you consult your physician and quarantine yourself as soon as possible 

Specimen Collection:

  • Recent studies have shown that anterior nasal (nostril) specimens may be as reliable as nasopharyngeal (deep nasal) specimens for detect the virus 

  • Our Testing methods are in direct compliance with the recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Coronavirus Testing: Our Services
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