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We offer FDA Approved, State Certified Genetic Testing by PCR for Coronavirus (Covid-19) as well as testing for other respiratory, urinary, and tissue pathogens with rapid results.
We provide Pre-Travel and Corporate Testing.
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Rapid Results for Genetic Testing

Genome offers genetic testing of sputum and nasal pharyngeal swabs by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). PCR is the ONLY way to test for the physical presence of the virus and the ONLY way to know whether or not you are contagious. Due to the limited capabilities of most testing laboratories this test is often not offered or involves extensive turnaround times for results. We are a registered High-Complexity Molecular Lab authorized to perform Covid-19 testing for businesses, travel, assisted living communities, academic institutions, and individuals. Specimen collection is performed at business locations, at our testing facility or one of our testing centers by appointment only. Unlike many laboratories that provide lengthy turnaround times for results, we provide results within 24 to 48 hours.

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Our Story

Our company is a product of the 2020 Coronavirus Global Pandemic. Molecular Genetic Technology has been available for decades but prior to the current Pandemic, has been underutilized. Genetic Testing has a wide variety of applications including the identification of certain Cancers and Neurological Disorders. Furthermore, Genetic testing can identify an individual's likely response to certain medications as well as their inherited aptitude and talents. As the medical community becomes increasingly reliant on genetic testing technology, individuals are becoming empowered with the knowledge of their GENOME. 

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